Softball Hitters

Do you think or have you been taught that hitting a softball is different then hitting a baseball?
I ask because many people believe there is a difference.
Hitting IS hitting!

Guess what?
The only difference is the pitchers’ release point. The ball is larger, but the pitchers are closer. The bottom-line is: you are still hitting a round ball with a round bat & home plate is the same.

“It takes the same skills and abilities to hit a softball as it does to hit a baseball.” Coach Murphy, 2012 National Champs! RollTide
Call or email any coach in the Women’s College World Series and ask them what they are looking for and what it takes to be a successful hitter.

Why do softball pitchers dominate so much?
1. They train more.
...They all take lessons and they practice 3-5 times a week.
2. Most hitters are not taught the correct techniques.
...They are taught to hit like girls!

What’s the answer?
1) Learn the correct hitting mechanics.
2) Increase your bat speed.
3) Improve your vision skills.
4) Boost your confidence.
5) call Greg!
(I use many of the same drills as Patty Gasso, OU, Mike Candrea, UofAz and Pat Murphy, UofAlabama both Team USA coaches and many other WCWS coaches.)

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